The Cooking 4 Life Team

The Cooking 4 Life team is made up of people who have been thoroughly trained in using and demonstrating the Saladmaster cookware.  Our team attends weekly training events and has access to Saladmaster’s online training to keep them up-to-date on new initiatives by Saladmaster and to learn new recipes.  Incentives with amazing prizes and trips are offered regularly to inspire the team members to their best work.

Join our Team!

“As a member of the Saladmaster team, you inspire the kind of cooking that makes life better. Customers are introduced to premium kitchen products that ignite their passion for cooking and provides the discovery of a career that opens doors to more financial freedom, independence and all kinds of opportunities for growth.”
Learn more on Saladmaster’s Corporate website, and then contact us to find out more about a career in Saladmaster!

The Cooking 4 Life team includes:

Senior Dealer:

  • Lorraine Kammeraad


  • Gurjit Mann

Senior Consultants:

  • Peter van Bodegom (IT Specialist)
  • Sukhminder Grewal


  • Trent Collett
  • Parminder Grewal
  • Rajwinder Brar
  • Leonora Tulon
  • Manjit Nagra
  • Marie Puls
  • Dan Steele

Our Business Manager, Herb, works to keep the books balanced, the business operating smoothly and efficiently, and the stock room fully supplied.  Lorraine and Herb have worked together in her home-office in Surrey since January, 2011 and opened the office/retail location in Langley on March 1, 2014.  On April 1, 2015, Lorraine was promoted in Saladmaster to SENIOR DEALER.

Lorraine Kammeraad

Lorraine Kammeraad

Senior Dealer, Saladmaster
Lorraine is our “chief cook” and has over 20 years of experience in presenting the Saladmaster cookware to families all over the Fraser Valley.

Cooking 4 Life is always willing to train people who want to join our business.  We offer a unique and fun way to make an extra income or to make this a full time career.  We offer full and free training both in the presentation of the Saladmaster story and benefits and in the cooking of the meal.

We invite you to contact our Cooking 4 Life office anytime for more information on how to join our Saladmaster team.  Feel free to either email or phone us, or, stop by our office!